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Liemberger & Partners works for clients around the world, including the global leader of NRW management, the Miya Group (

The philosophy of Liemberger & Partners to provide the best possible NRW advice and NRW management services has not changed and therefore the much acclaimed multi-lingual water balance and water loss performance indicator software WB-EasyCalc is still freely available.


The first version of WB-EasyCalc was designed in 2006 to help water utilities and consultants properly apply the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group Methodology. 

During the last 10 years it has become the preferred NRW analysis tool for water utilities around the world.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, version 5 has been released in August 2016 and after correction of a few bugs it was re-named to version 6 in 2019. 

The latest version of WB-EasyCalc is 6.17 (August 2021)

Please use the download button, check out our EasyCalc Website our Github repo!

EasyCalc mobile - THE APP!

EasyCalc mobile helps water utilities and consultants to establish an initial water balance and calculate water loss performance indicators.

The app EasyCalc mobile intends to bridge the gap between “no idea about the NRW situation" and a detailed water audit using WB-EasyCalc. The app will be most useful for example in initial discussions with a water utility manager when only most basic data are readily available and the app’s default values can be used to fill the blanks. Rough estimates of potential 95% confidence intervals (+/- error margins) are integrated so that potential error range of the results can be easily understood.

Wanna say THANK YOU to the team of maintainers?

The software will remain free forever, but the maintainers highly appreciate a glas of wine, as they are doing it pro bono.


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Company Information

Liemberger & Partners GmbH is an independent consulting firm highly specialised in the analysis and optimisation of water utilities. Together with its international associates, L&P is able to provide world class consulting services to clients around the world.

On the technical side, the scope of services includes:

On the financial side, L&P’s services include:

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